In all regions there are comprehensive programs of easy to access events structured in a range of series formats for everyone.  This includes series targeted toward schools participation and mid week after work participation as well as competition formats such as the Orienteering Series Tasmania (OST) events and weekend local events.

Please note that currently entry to all events is on-line only. There will be no entry or payment on the day. Entries will close on the date and time specified in the Eventor event information. Prior to entering please read this document.

Click on an event name below to view detailed event information listed in Eventor:

DayDateEventOrganising clubDiscipline
Saturday15-Oct-22Trevallyn - Northern Classic OST 7Esk ValleyFoot orienteering
Saturday15-Oct-22Trevallyn Bowls Club, Launceston - OT Dinner and Awards NightOrienteering TasmaniaFoot orienteering
Sunday16-Oct-22West Launceston MapRunEsk ValleyFoot orienteering,
Park and street orienteering
Wednesday19-Oct-22Spring Twilight #1 TrevallynEsk ValleyFoot orienteering
Wednesday19-Oct-22Enter all Northern Spring twilight events at a discount rateEsk ValleyFoot orienteering
Sunday23-Oct-22Waverley Park - Southern Local #11AustralopersFoot orienteering
Wednesday26-Oct-22Kangaroo Bay - Hobart Spring Schools/Twilight #1AustralopersFoot orienteering
Wednesday26-Oct-22Spring Twilight #2 Heritage ForestEsk ValleyFoot orienteering
Wednesday02-Nov-22Domain - Hobart Spring Schools/Twilight #2AustralopersFoot orienteering
Wednesday09-Nov-22Kingston High - Hobart Spring Schools/Twilight #3AustralopersFoot orienteering
Sunday13-Nov-22Stringy Bark Gully - Southern Local #12AustralopersFoot orienteering
Wednesday16-Nov-22Knocklofty - Hobart Spring Schools/Twilight #4AustralopersFoot orienteering
Sunday20-Nov-22Randalls Bay - Southern Local #13AustralopersFoot orienteering
Wednesday23-Nov-22Cornelian Bay - Hobart Spring Schools/Twilight #5AustralopersFoot orienteering
Sunday27-Nov-22Rokeby Hills - Southern Local #7AustralopersFoot orienteering
Wednesday30-Nov-22Botanical Gardens - Hobart Spring Schools/Twilight #6AustralopersFoot orienteering
Sunday04-Dec-22Poortenaars - Southern Local #14 - Christmas EventAustralopersFoot orienteering
Tuesday03-Jan-23National Junior Development CampOrienteering AustraliaFoot orienteering
Friday06-Jan-23Oceania Championships - Camping at PyenganaOrienteering TasmaniaFoot orienteering
Saturday07-Jan-23Oceania Championships Sprint - LauncestonOrienteering TasmaniaFoot orienteering
Saturday07-Jan-23Australian Nomination for Selection 2023 Australia - New Zealand ChallengeOrienteering AustraliaFoot orienteering
Sunday08-Jan-23Oceania Long Model - Bosses Rocks St HelensOrienteering TasmaniaFoot orienteering
Monday09-Jan-23Oceania Championships Long - Bells Marsh St HelensOrienteering TasmaniaFoot orienteering
Wednesday11-Jan-23Oceania Championships Middle - Hunt Tin Mine St HelensOrienteering TasmaniaFoot orienteering
Thursday12-Jan-23Oceania Championships Relay - Argonaut St HelensOrienteering TasmaniaFoot orienteering
Sunday15-Jan-23Hobart Shorts - Enter all 6 events for the cost of 5Orienteering TasmaniaFoot orienteering
Sunday15-Jan-23Hobart Short Series #1 - ConinghamOrienteering TasmaniaFoot orienteering
Monday16-Jan-23Hobart Short Series #2 - Tolosa ParkOrienteering TasmaniaFoot orienteering
Monday16-Jan-23Hobart Short Series #3 - Geilston GullyOrienteering TasmaniaFoot orienteering
Tuesday17-Jan-23Hobart Short Series #4 - WaterworksOrienteering TasmaniaFoot orienteering
Tuesday17-Jan-23Hobart Short Series #5 - Gorringes BeachOrienteering TasmaniaFoot orienteering
Wednesday18-Jan-23Hobart Short Series #6 - Queens DomainOrienteering TasmaniaFoot orienteering
Saturday11-Mar-23East Coast 3 DayEsk ValleyFoot orienteering