Control descriptions can be printed on the map and as loose descriptions for placing in a control description holder. 

Did you know that the size of the descriptions can be tailored to your need?  On the map, it needs to fit where it does not obscure any important detail. The descriptions should always be on the map.

 In previous versions of Condes you could only change text size by 1mm.  In Condes 10 you can change them up and down by 1/100mm.  The default size is 7mm.  This size is optimum for loose descriptions but sometimes takes up too much space on the map. The control descriptions on the map can be sized down to a comfortable size but be careful not to go too small.  Many orienteers are optically challenged in their masters years and struggle to read the small print on the run, even with glasses/magnifiers.

 It is even more important to be mindful of optically challenged orienteers when printing the loose descriptions.  I suggest that 5mm is an absolute minimum size but where possible keep them in the 6-7mm range. If you have a lot of controls, e.g. on a sprint course, it is often tempting to shrink them down but this can be problematic.  Keep them large enough to read on the run.  If need be, the orienteer can fold the descriptions in their holder and adjust on the run.

Please remember, as course planner, you are not using them on the run!


From the Condes website:

Control Descriptions

PDF Export

In the Print Control Descriptions window, there is now an option to export control descriptions to a PDF file.

Layout when printing separate control descriptions

There are now separate settings to configure the vertical and horizontal spacing between control descriptions when printing separate control descriptions sheets.

More accurate dimensions

The dimensions of Control Descriptions can now be configured at an accuracy of 1/100 mm. Previously, it was 1 mm.