I’d like to support Greg Hawthorne’s comments in the previous Technical Bulletin about the usefulness of the Avenza Maps  when course planning.

I used this phone app when planning the “high tide” Gorringes Beach event last year.   A lot of features very close to each other were considered for possible control sites.  While doing field reconnaissance Avenza allowed me to  mark and name each on the map with a linked  camera photo and comment where necessary. 

Back home when course planning in Condes I could review all these in Avenza to help pick the features actually used as controls.   The linked photos I found to be particularly useful.

Having a blue dot on the map that marks your position by GPS  when out there does speed up the process of control scouting and reduces the chance of a control being on a wrong feature.  Note that some  features may not be in the  exact correct GPS locations, particularly in older maps.   The blue dot also speeds thing up when  returning to the area to put out tapes or the controls themselves.

Avenza is free to download but users are encouraged to buy downloadable maps from the Avenza  map store.    You can also import up to three  maps of your own for free.   OCAD can export a GEOTIFF map file for loading into Avenza.   If you want to import more than three of your own maps you have to buy an annual licence for US$29.99.

There are some useful free maps to download from the Avenza store without a subscription.   Regarding paid maps, I bought 75K scale maps of the whole of Tasmania for $11.99 which I found useful for bushwalking.  25K TASMAPS are 99 cents each.