Wellington Ranges

The 'birth' of WROC on 9/11/90 was announced in the Orienteering Association of Tasmania's January '91 newsletter as follows:

'After laboured deliberations, it is with great pleasure that HAVOC and UFO announce the birth of Wellington Ranges Orienteering Club, to be affectionately known as WROC. The new club will be proudly parented by President: Peter Hall, Secretary: Jutta Roper and Treasurer: Rosemary Giles.'

The two previous clubs, HAVOC (Hills and Valleys Orienteering Club) and UFO (Unidentified Flying Orienteers) were formed in 1979. The familiar names of Darryl Smith, Greg Hawthorne and Pat McGuire featured in the last published 'HAVOC news'. The smaller UFO published the Bush Bulletin with regulars Ann and Pat Sampson and Mike Dowling getting a mention in the final edition.

In 1992 WROC had 70 individual memberships and its Annual Report spoke of going from strength to strength.

In 2009 it had 67 individual memberships with many people having orienteered since the early 80's.

WROC has produced two Australian Senior representatives: Mike Dowling (WOC - 1985) and Clare Hawthorne (WOC - 2001), and three Australian Junior representatives: Callum Fagg (JWOC - 2009), Ryan Smyth (JWOC – 2005, 2006) and Nicola Woolford (JWOC - 2001)

WROC is located in southern Tasmania
The WROC email address is email wroc

At the Wellington Ranges AGM on 21st February 2016 the following officials were elected or appointed:

  • President: Mike Dowling
  • Secretary: Clare Hawthorne
  • Treasurer: Mark Hey


  • Events, Membership & Publicity: Mike Dowling
  • Equipment & Mapping: Greg Hawthorne
  • Coaching & Social: Mike Dowling and Sue Hancock
  • State Selection Panel Rep: Mike Dowling

 The President's Report for 2015 is available here