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DayDateEvent NameEvent TypeResults
Wednesday09-Dec-15Cornelian Bay - Southern Spring Twilight 8Foot orienteeringresults
Wednesday02-Dec-15Mt Nelson - Southern Spring Twilight 7Foot orienteeringresults
Wednesday25-Nov-15Knocklofty - Southern Spring Twilight 6Foot orienteeringresults
Wednesday25-Nov-15Windsor Park LauncestonPark and street orienteeringresults
Sunday22-Nov-15Santa's Sensational Sand, Sun and Surf SoireePark and street orienteeringresults
Sunday22-Nov-15Tasmanian Arboretum DevonportPark and street orienteering
Wednesday18-Nov-15Tolosa - Southern Spring Twilight 5Foot orienteeringresults
Wednesday18-Nov-15St Pats College LauncestonPark and street orienteeringresults
Sunday15-Nov-15Coningham - Southern Sunday localFoot orienteeringresults
Wednesday11-Nov-15Rosny - Southern Spring Twilight 4Foot orienteeringresults
Wednesday11-Nov-15First Basin LauncestonFoot orienteeringresults
Wednesday04-Nov-15The Domain - Southern Spring Twilight 3Foot orienteeringresults
Wednesday04-Nov-15Royal Park Launceston - Northern Spring Twilight 3Park and street orienteeringresults
Sunday01-Nov-15Geilston Bay - Southern Sunday localFoot orienteeringresults
Wednesday28-Oct-15Taroona - Southern Spring Twilight 2Foot orienteeringresults
Wednesday28-Oct-15UTas Mowbray - Northern Spring Twilight 2Park and street orienteeringresults
Wednesday21-Oct-15Howrah - Southern Spring Twilght 1Foot orienteeringresults
Wednesday21-Oct-15Inveresk - Northern Spring Twilight 1Park and street orienteeringresults
Sunday18-Oct-15Redbanks - Southern Sunday localFoot orienteeringresults
Sunday20-Sep-15Southern Regional Championship - Badge & OST 12Foot orienteeringresults
Saturday19-Sep-15Five Mile Beach - Saturday Run for HannahFoot orienteeringresults
Sunday13-Sep-15Buttons Beach Ulverstone - North West Sunday LocalPark and street orienteeringresults
Saturday12-Sep-15Seven Mile Beach Night-OPark and street orienteeringresults
Sunday06-Sep-15Rajah Rock Avoca - Tas Long Distance Champs - Badge & OST 11Foot orienteeringresults
Saturday05-Sep-15Riverside Launceston - Shine a Light for HannahPark and street orienteeringresults
Sunday23-Aug-15Wild Dog Creek Buckland - OST10Foot orienteeringresults
Sunday09-Aug-15Eugenana Arboretum - Tas Sprint Championships - Badge & OST9Foot orienteeringresults
Sunday09-Aug-15Eugenana Arboretum - Warm Up EventFoot orienteeringresults
Saturday08-Aug-15Coles Beach, Devonport - SprintFoot orienteeringresults
Sunday02-Aug-15Waterworks Reserve - Southern Sunday LocalFoot orienteeringresults
Sunday26-Jul-15Glen Stuart Evandale - Northern Classic - Badge & OST 8Foot orienteeringresults
Sunday19-Jul-15Risdon Brook Reserve - Southern Sunday LocalFoot orienteeringresults
Sunday05-Jul-15Peter Murrell Reserve Kingston - Southern Sunday LocalPark and street orienteeringresults
Sunday05-Jul-15Buttons Beach Ulverstone - North West Sunday LocalPark and street orienteeringresults
Sunday28-Jun-15Royal George - OST 7Foot orienteeringresults
Saturday20-Jun-15Natone Hill, Geilston Bay - Southern Saturday Afternoon 6Park and street orienteeringresults
Saturday20-Jun-15Trevallyn Launceston - Northern Saturday Winter 6Park and street orienteeringresults
Saturday13-Jun-15Montagu Bay - Southern Saturday Afternoon 5Park and street orienteeringresults
Saturday13-Jun-15Trevallyn Launceston - Northern Saturday Winter 5Park and street orienteeringresults
Monday08-Jun-15Coles Bay - Tas Middle Distance Champs - Badge & OST 6Foot orienteeringresults
Sunday07-Jun-15Kelvedon Swansea - Tasmanian Relay ChampionshipsFoot orienteering
Saturday06-Jun-15Coles Bay - Night OFoot orienteeringresults
Saturday06-Jun-15Coles Bay Township - SprintFoot orienteeringresults
Saturday30-May-15Hobart College, Mt Nelson - Southern Saturday Afternoon 4Park and street orienteeringresults
Saturday30-May-15Trevallyn Launceston - Northern Saturday Winter 4Park and street orienteeringresults
Sunday24-May-15Romaine Reserve - North West RegionPark and street orienteeringresults
Saturday23-May-15Bellerive Waterfront - Southern Saturday Afternoon 3Park and street orienteeringresults
Saturday23-May-15Trevallyn Launceston - Northern Saturday Winter 3Park and street orienteeringresults
Saturday16-May-15Risdon Brook Reserve - Southern Saturday Afternoon 2Park and street orienteeringresults
Saturday16-May-15Trevallyn Launceston - Northern Saturday Winter 2Park and street orienteeringresults
Saturday09-May-15University of Tasmania - Southern Saturday Afternoon 1Park and street orienteeringresults
Saturday09-May-15Trevallyn Launceston - Northern Saturday Winter 1Park and street orienteeringresults
Sunday03-May-15Springvale Campania - OST 5Foot orienteeringresults
Sunday26-Apr-15Stringy Bark Gully Cambridge - Southern Sunday LocalFoot orienteeringresults
Sunday19-Apr-15Stags Head Jericho - OST 4Foot orienteeringresults
Sunday12-Apr-15Buttons Beach Ulverstone - North West LocalFoot orienteering
Sunday29-Mar-15Liemunetta Dysart - Tasmanian All Schools ChampionshipsFoot orienteeringresults
Wednesday25-Mar-15Knocklofty Car Park - Southern Autumn Twilight 7Foot orienteeringresults
Wednesday25-Mar-15University of Tas - Mowbray - Northern Autumn Twilight 5Foot orienteeringresults
Sunday22-Mar-15Sandstone Valleys - Melton Mowbray - OST 3Foot orienteeringresults
Friday20-Mar-15Launceston - Northern Schools ChampionshipsFoot orienteeringresults
Wednesday18-Mar-15Waterworks Reserve - Southern Autumn Twilight 6Foot orienteeringresults
Wednesday18-Mar-15Summerdale - Northern Autumn Twilight 5Foot orienteeringresults
Wednesday11-Mar-15The Domain - Southern Autumn Twilight 5Foot orienteeringresults
Wednesday11-Mar-15Heritage Forest - Northern Autumn Twilight 4Foot orienteeringresults
Monday09-Mar-15East Coast 3 Day - Day 3 - OST 2 - Transit FlatFoot orienteeringresults
Sunday08-Mar-15East Coast 3 Day - Day 2 - OST 1 - Transit FlatFoot orienteeringresults
Saturday07-Mar-15East Coast 3 Day - Day 1 - Jason's TaskFoot orienteeringresults
Wednesday04-Mar-15Botanic Gardens - Southern Autumn Twilight 4Foot orienteeringresults
Wednesday25-Feb-15Sandown Park Sandy Bay - Southern Autumn Twilight 3Foot orienteeringresults
Wednesday25-Feb-15Youngtown Launceston - Northern Twilight 3Foot orienteeringresults
Sunday22-Feb-15Seven Mile Beach Local Event (Pittwater)Foot orienteeringresults
Wednesday18-Feb-15Friends School North Hobart - Southern Autumn Twilight 2Foot orienteeringresults
Wednesday18-Feb-15Punchbowl Launceston - Northern Autumn Twilight 2Foot orienteeringresults
Sunday15-Feb-15Tiagarra Devonport - North West Sunday LocalFoot orienteering
Wednesday11-Feb-15Lambert Park - Southern Autumn Twilight 1Foot orienteeringresults
Wednesday11-Feb-15Windsor Park - Northern Autumn Twilight 1Foot orienteeringresults
Friday16-Jan-15Hobart Shorts - Event 6 - Knocklofty Reserve, West HobartFoot orienteeringresults
Thursday15-Jan-15Hobart Shorts - Event 5 - Risdon Brook Dam ReserveFoot orienteeringresults
Thursday15-Jan-15Hobart Shorts - Event 4 - Salamanca Place, HobartFoot orienteeringresults
Wednesday14-Jan-15Hobart Shorts - Event 3 - Seven Mile BeachFoot orienteeringresults
Wednesday14-Jan-15Hobart Shorts - Event 2 - Hobart College, Mt NelsonFoot orienteeringresults
Tuesday13-Jan-15Hobart Shorts - Event 1 - University of Tasmania, HobartFoot orienteeringresults
Sunday11-Jan-15Oceania Long Distance Championships (except elite classes) and Oceania Carnival Public Race 5Foot orienteeringresults
Saturday10-Jan-15IOF World Cup Event 3 - Long DistanceFoot orienteeringresults
Saturday10-Jan-15Oceania Long Distance ModelFoot orienteering
Saturday10-Jan-15Oceania Long Distance Championships (Elite classes only)Foot orienteeringresults
Thursday08-Jan-15Oceania Carnival Public Race 4Foot orienteeringresults
Thursday08-Jan-15IOF World Cup Event 2 - Middle DistanceFoot orienteeringresults
Thursday08-Jan-15Australia/New Zealand Schools Test Match IndividualFoot orienteeringresults
Thursday08-Jan-15Oceania Middle Distance Championships (Elite classes only)Foot orienteeringresults
Wednesday07-Jan-15Oceania Carnival Public Race 3Foot orienteeringresults
Wednesday07-Jan-15Australia/New Zealand Schools Test Match RelayFoot orienteeringresults
Tuesday06-Jan-15Oceania Middle Distance Championships (except for Elite classes) and Oceania Carnival Public Race 2Foot orienteeringresults
Sunday04-Jan-15Oceania Relay Championships (including non official teams)Foot orienteeringresults
Saturday03-Jan-15Oceania Sprint Distance Championships - Oceania Carnival Public Race 1Foot orienteeringresults
Saturday03-Jan-15IOF World Cup Event 1 - Sprint FinalFoot orienteeringresults
Friday02-Jan-15IOF World Cup Event 1 - Sprint QualificationFoot orienteeringresults