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DayDateEvent NameEvent TypeResults
Wednesday13-Dec-17Natone Hill - Southern Spring Schools/Twilight Series 8Park and street orienteeringresults
Wednesday06-Dec-17Knocklofty - Southern Spring Schools/Twilight series 7Park and street orienteeringresults
Wednesday29-Nov-17Cornelian Bay - Southern Spring Schools/Twilight series 6Park and street orienteeringresults
Sunday26-Nov-17Woodbridge School - Christmas EventFoot orienteeringresults
Wednesday22-Nov-17Northern Spring Twilight Series #6 - Cataract Gorge - First BasinFoot orienteering,
Park and street orienteering
Wednesday22-Nov-17Bellerive Fort - Southern Spring Schools/Twilight series 5Park and street orienteeringresults
Wednesday15-Nov-17Northern Spring Twilight Series #5 - Youngtown ReserveFoot orienteeringresults
Wednesday15-Nov-17Lambert Gully - Southern Spring Schools/Twilight series 4Park and street orienteeringresults
Sunday12-Nov-17Geilston Gully - Southern Sunday localFoot orienteeringresults
Wednesday08-Nov-17Northern Spring Twilight Series #4 - St Thomas More's SchoolFoot orienteering,
Park and street orienteering
Wednesday08-Nov-17Taroona High School - Southern Spring Schools/Twilight series 3Park and street orienteeringresults
Wednesday01-Nov-17Northern Spring Twilight Series #3 - InvereskFoot orienteering,
Park and street orienteering
Wednesday01-Nov-17Sandown Park - Southern Spring Schools/Twilight series 2Park and street orienteeringresults
Wednesday25-Oct-17Northern Spring Twilight Series #2 - Royal ParkFoot orienteering,
Park and street orienteering
Wednesday25-Oct-17Queens Domain - Southern Spring Schools/Twilight series 1Park and street orienteeringresults
Wednesday18-Oct-17Northern Spring Twilight Series #1 - Heritage ForestFoot orienteering,
Park and street orienteering
Sunday15-Oct-17Kellevie - Southern Sunday localFoot orienteeringresults
Sunday08-Oct-17Buttons Beach - NW localFoot orienteeringresults
Sunday17-Sep-17Coningham - Southern Sunday localFoot orienteeringresults
Sunday10-Sep-17Uplands - Tas Team Championships 2017 - CATA's TrophyFoot orienteeringresults
Saturday09-Sep-17OT Awards Night & Dinner at Riverside Golf Club Foot orienteering
Saturday09-Sep-17Uplands - Tas Long Distance Championships - Badge OST 13Foot orienteeringresults
Sunday03-Sep-17Peter Murrell Reserve - Southern Sunday localFoot orienteeringresults
Saturday02-Sep-17Tolosa Night-OFoot orienteeringresults
Sunday27-Aug-17Pittwater - Southern Regional Championships - Badge & OST 12Foot orienteeringresults
Saturday26-Aug-17St Virgils - Tas Sprint Distance Championships OST 11Foot orienteeringresults
Sunday20-Aug-17Waterworks - Southern Sunday localFoot orienteeringresults
Sunday13-Aug-17Glen Stuart - Northern Classic Badge Event OST 10Foot orienteeringresults
Saturday12-Aug-17Shorewell Park, Burnie - OST 9 - Entry OnlyFoot orienteering
Saturday12-Aug-17Shorewell Park, Burnie - OST 9 - Results and Livelox Links: LiveloxFoot orienteeringresults
Sunday06-Aug-17Calverts Beach - Southern Sunday localFoot orienteeringresults
Friday04-Aug-17Junior Training Camp for State Schools TeamFoot orienteering
Sunday30-Jul-17Mt Nelson - Southern Sunday Local - Double SprintFoot orienteeringresults
Sunday23-Jul-17Johnny Mac - OST 8Foot orienteeringresults
Sunday16-Jul-17Romaine - NW localFoot orienteeringresults
Sunday16-Jul-17Risdon Brook - Southern Sunday localFoot orienteeringresults
Saturday08-Jul-17Edward St Glebe - Southern Saturday afternoon series - Event 5Foot orienteeringresults
Saturday01-Jul-17Northern Saturday Winter Series - Event 5Foot orienteeringresults
Saturday01-Jul-17Rosny Hill - Southern Saturday afternoon series - Event 4Foot orienteeringresults
Sunday25-Jun-17Stag's Head - OST 7Foot orienteeringresults
Saturday24-Jun-17Northern Saturday Winter Series - Event 4Foot orienteeringresults
Sunday18-Jun-17Arboretum - NW localFoot orienteeringresults
Saturday17-Jun-17Waverley Park - Southern Saturday afternoon series - Event 3Foot orienteeringresults
Saturday17-Jun-17Northern Saturday Winter Series - Event 3Foot orienteeringresults
Monday12-Jun-17Launceston Winter Sprint Extravaganza - Sprint 6 - Alanvale TAFE CollegeFoot orienteeringresults
Sunday11-Jun-17Launceston Winter Sprint Extravaganza - Sprint 5 - Prospect ParkFoot orienteeringresults
Sunday11-Jun-17Launceston Winter Sprint Extravaganza - Sprint 4 - Launceston Church GrammarFoot orienteeringresults
Sunday11-Jun-17Launceston Winter Sprint Extravaganza - Sprint 3 - UTASFoot orienteeringresults
Saturday10-Jun-17Launceston Winter Sprint Extravaganza - Sprint 2 - Trevallyn @ Village GreenFoot orienteeringresults
Saturday10-Jun-17Launceston Winter Sprint Extravaganza - Sprint 1 - Brooks High SchoolFoot orienteeringresults
Saturday10-Jun-17Launceston Winter Sprint Extravaganza – All 6 events for the price of 4Foot orienteering
Sunday04-Jun-17Campania - Tas Middle Distance Championship - Badge & OST 6Foot orienteeringresults
Saturday27-May-17Ridgeway - Southern Saturday afternoon series - Event 2Foot orienteeringresults
Saturday27-May-17Northern Saturday Winter Series - Event 2Foot orienteeringresults
Wednesday24-May-17World Orienteering Day - City Park Night-OFoot orienteering
Sunday21-May-17Royal George - OST 5Foot orienteeringresults
Saturday13-May-17Knocklofty North - Southern Saturday afternoon series - Event 1Foot orienteeringresults
Saturday13-May-17Trevallyn Reserve - Northern Saturday Winter Series - Event 1Foot orienteeringresults
Sunday07-May-17Wild Dog Creek - OST 4Foot orienteeringresults
Tuesday11-Apr-17EVOC Sprint Training GrammarFoot orienteeringresults
Sunday09-Apr-17Seven Mile BeachFoot orienteeringresults
Sunday09-Apr-17Seven Mile Beach - Tas Schools ChampionshipsFoot orienteeringresults
Sunday09-Apr-17Buttons Beach - North WestFoot orienteeringresults
Sunday02-Apr-17Clarence Marshes - OST 3Foot orienteeringresults
Friday31-Mar-17Trevallyn Recreation Area - Northern Schools ChampionshipsFoot orienteering
Wednesday29-Mar-17Mt Nelson - Southern Schools Championships/Twilight Series 7Park and street orienteeringresults
Sunday26-Mar-17Ridgeway Park - Southern Sunday LocalFoot orienteeringresults
Wednesday22-Mar-17Botanic Gardens - Southern Autumn Schools/Twilight Series 6Park and street orienteeringresults
Wednesday22-Mar-17Windsor Community Precinct - Northen Autumn Twilight Series 6Foot orienteeringresults
Wednesday15-Mar-17Waterworks - Southern Autumn Schools/Twilight Series 5Park and street orienteeringresults
Wednesday15-Mar-17Inveresk - Northern Autumn Twilight Series 5Foot orienteeringresults
Monday13-Mar-17Pittwater Bush Sprint - 'Sand Dunes 3 Day' - Day 3Foot orienteeringresults
Sunday12-Mar-17Pittwater - 'Sand Dunes 3 Day' - Day 2 OST 2 Long DistanceFoot orienteeringresults
Sunday12-Mar-17Pittwater - NOL 2017 Round 1, Race 2 - Long DistanceFoot orienteeringresults
Saturday11-Mar-17Pittwater - 'Sand Dunes 3 Day' - Day 1 OST 1 Middle DistanceFoot orienteeringresults
Saturday11-Mar-17Pittwater - NOL 2017 Round 1, Race 1 - Middle DistanceFoot orienteeringresults
Wednesday08-Mar-17The Domain - Southern Autumn Schools/Twilight Series 4Park and street orienteeringresults
Wednesday08-Mar-17Punchbowl - Northern Autumn Twilight Series 4Foot orienteeringresults
Sunday05-Mar-17Tiagara - NW localFoot orienteeringresults
Sunday05-Mar-17Sandridge Pines TrainingFoot orienteering
Saturday04-Mar-17EVOC Saturday Training MiddleFoot orienteering
Wednesday01-Mar-17Wentworth Park - Southern Autumn Schools/Twilight Series 3Park and street orienteeringresults
Wednesday01-Mar-17UTas Newnham - Northern Autumn Twilight Seies 3Foot orienteeringresults
Sunday26-Feb-17String Bark Gully - Southern Sunday localFoot orienteeringresults
Wednesday22-Feb-17Taroona - Southern Autumn Schools/Twilight Series 2Park and street orienteeringresults
Wednesday22-Feb-17First Basin - Northern Autumn Twilight Series 2Foot orienteeringresults
Sunday19-Feb-17Shorewell Park - NW local SprintFoot orienteeringresults
Wednesday15-Feb-17Lambert Gully & Hutchins - Southern Autumn Schools/Twilight Series 1Park and street orienteeringresults
Wednesday15-Feb-17Prospect - Northern Autumn Twilight Series 1Foot orienteeringresults
Saturday11-Feb-17Beverage Relay and BBQPark and street orienteeringresults
Friday10-Feb-17Bellerive SprintPark and street orienteeringresults
Wednesday08-Feb-17Waverley Park - Southern Summer Series #5Foot orienteeringresults
Sunday05-Feb-17Healthy Hobart "Have a Crack" Free Orienteering Queens DomainPark and street orienteering
Wednesday01-Feb-17Knocklofty Reserve, West Hobart - Southern Summer Series #4Foot orienteeringresults
Thursday26-Jan-17Junior Orienteering CampFoot orienteering
Wednesday25-Jan-17Stringy Bark Gully - Southern Summer Series #3Foot orienteeringresults
Sunday22-Jan-17EVOC Summer Cup - Weymouth - SprintFoot orienteeringresults
Saturday21-Jan-17EVOC Summer Cup - Trevallyn - NightFoot orienteeringresults
Thursday19-Jan-17EVOC Summer Cup - UTAS - SprintFoot orienteeringresults
Wednesday18-Jan-17EVOC Summer Cup - Windsor Park - SprintFoot orienteeringresults
Wednesday18-Jan-17Tolosa Park, Glenorchy - Southern Summer Series #2Foot orienteeringresults
Tuesday17-Jan-17EVOC Summer Cup - Brooks High School - SprintFoot orienteeringresults
Sunday15-Jan-17EVOC Summer Cup - Stephensdale - LongFoot orienteeringresults
Saturday14-Jan-17EVOC Summer Cup - Rajah Rock, Avoca - MiddleFoot orienteeringresults
Wednesday11-Jan-17Peter Murrell Reserve, Kingston - Southern Summer Series #1Park and street orienteeringresults