Schoolsteam2019webEvery year a Tasmanian Schools Team is selected to attend the Australian Schools Orienteering Championships, which forms part of the Australian Championships Carnival. In 2022 this carnival will take place in Victoria from 24 September – 2 October.

How do I make the team?

To be eligible for selection you must:

  1. Be attending school or college.
  2. Be aged 12 or older at the end of 2022.
  3. Nominate for selection when you enter the Tasmanian Schools Championships.
  4. Attend all 3 selection events and run the correct course (outlined below). If you are unable to attend any selection event due to exceptional circumstances, you must notify a selector by telephone or email prior to the event.
  5. Be a member of a Tasmanian orienteering club (this costs $10 for juniors under 21 yrs and entitles you to membership benefits including entry fee discount).

When and where are the selection events?

  1. Sunday 10 April, Tasmanian Schools Championships, Glen Stuart
  2. Sunday 1 May, OST 3, Bluff River
  3. Sunday 29 May, OST 5, Lovelybanks

Click on the individual Events for more details.

How many people are in the team?

In the week after the third selection event, selectors will announce a team of up to 20 people, with up to six people in each of the following classes:

  • Junior Boys (born 2007, 2008, 2009 or 2010)
  • Junior Girls (born 2007, 2008, 2009 or 2010)
  • Senior Boys (born 2004, 2005 or 2006)
  • Senior Girls (born 2004, 2005 or 2006)

What course/class do I need to run at the selection events?

Compete in an A class (correct for your age) at the Tasmanian Schools Championships.

For the next two selection events, you must compete in:

  • Course 7 – If you are eligible for Junior Boys or Junior Girls
  • Course 4 – If you are eligible for Senior Girls
  • Course 3 – If you are eligible for Senior Boys

What does being in the team involve?

The Tasmanian Schools Team travels and stays together from Friday 23rd September to Sunday 2nd October 2022. Team members compete in 9 events over the 10 days including the three Australian Schools Championship events – the Australian Schools Sprint, the Australian Schools Long Distance and the Australian Schools Relay Championships. Details can be found here.

All state teams will be staying in the same accommodation. The team manager, assistant manager and team coach stay with the team for the duration of the carnival.

What will it cost?

  1. Uniform – approximately $160 for previous members and $400 for new members
  2. Two-night Training Camp held over a weekend, mid-year - about $150.
  3. Accommodation, food, bus, entry fees for Schools Championships – approximately $1000 (payable about 2 weeks before the carnival).
  4. Entry fees to the other Australian Championship Events.

The team is encouraged to be involved in regular fundraising activities to help offset costs. This might amount to $200 per team member.

What are the expectations of being in the team?

  1. Attend the the Schools Team Development Camp (18th - 19th Jun TBC) and Junior Training Camp (3rd-4th Sep) – aimed at developing navigational, personal and leadership skills eg social media awareness, nutrition, goal setting, scheduling.
  2. Attend as many orienteering events as possible from selection until the Schools Championships.
  3. Take part in fundraising activities, as required.
  4. Comply with a Code of Conduct which will be distributed and discussed with all team members.

Can I still compete in the Schools Championships if I am not selected in the team?

Yes! You won’t be able to travel with the team, but you will be able to enter individual races and form relay teams provided you have the endorsement of the selectors. To be endorsed by selectors, you will need to demonstrate competency while competing in at least one selection race. We encourage you to also take part in the training camp.

Who are the selectors?

Joe Dickinson
Jo Mitchell
Sue Hancock
Kim Nankervis (chair)
You can contact Kim on 0456 031171 or by email